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Juju, Shepard or Calvin Johnson


All of them are available in the waiver wire this week. Who should I pick up? Juju just seems so talented, Shepard is WR1 for the giants now and Calvin Johnson might be making a come back… what do you guys think I should do?


I would rank them Shepard, JUJU, and then Calvin. JUJU has a bye and Shepard is coming back and will get TARGETS!


Sanders also got dropped so idk between him and Shepard


shepard until they figure out what they are doing with the QB situation in Denver/


Agreed. Shepard is their no 1 and he’ll be a target monster. That said, he’s nothing more than a WR 2 IMO. As for Sanders/JuJu I think that depends on team makeup. JuJu has more upside but Sanders is established and is great when he’s healthy. I don’t think you can make the wrong decision and I would try and add more than 1 of them if I could.


Thanks guys. I decided to drop D. Parker and pick up sanders and Shepard


I really like D. Parker but I believe sanders/Shepard will be better