JuJu Smith-Schuster vs Demaryius Thomas

Saying your looking for a WR late 4th round early 5th and these are the two best WR’s on the board, which one do you choose?

Is this redraft or dynasty? PPR? Keeper?

Redraft and Full PPR

I would go with Juju

Juju 100% I have no faith in denver offense till preseason

In a redraft PPR i’m easily going Thomas


With an actual QB on the roster, he should be back to his 90-100 catch range. Should also easily break 1,000 yards and 6 TD’s. He’s done it consistently for 5 years, why wouldn’t he do it now with a much better QB than Simiean (spell check) and Lynch?


That is true but Keenum loves the slot (i.e. Thielen’s breakout year). I am not saying it will be the same with Sanders, but it most definitely can. Last year Juju only had 58 receptions which is god awful. He still managed 917 yards and 7 TDs along with a 73.4 catch percentage. Martavis Bryant is now gone and he consisted of 84 targets and 3 TDs. No Juju won’t get all of them (AB & Bell will get most) but Juju will get some and it can get him 70 rec. 1100 yards, 8-9 TDs.

Thomas for me.

Demaryius! Safer floor… Higher ceiling. IMO

im taking Juju. 1 year rental with big ben, you know what you got. bryant is gone, and juju is one year older. both are huge news to me, since juju showed a lot of production later on as he got acclimated to the NFL. not knowing what we have in keenum with this new offense, makes it hard to believe in a safe floor for thomas. and its not like case has a history of a lot of yards and TDs thrown. someone will benefit from him, but im not sure its thomas. not that i think he will suck, just under produce. that and they added 2 new WRs to the broncos. one of which should see looks and quite a few as the year goes on.

gimme that Juju.

I would go with DT. I really like JuJu, but I think that DT does better in a PPR. Just from a volume angle, I think he has a better shot. JuJu might do better on yards, but I feel DT makes up that ground in total catches.

But truthfully, I think it is very close.

I replied on twitter before I realized this was from the forums…

100% Demaryius for me.

Not as exciting to pick, I know. Juju is the popular breakout from last season. Loads of talent, and Pittsburgh is always fun to think of as an offensive juggernaut. And they certainly can be. But that’s also having a selective memory with boom/bust Big Ben… who averaged about 250 yards for the first six weeks of 2017, where he totaled 7TDs and 8INTs. (There’s always excuses for why… but stretches like seem to happen with Roeth with some regularity.)

So yes, Pitt has a potent offense… but they had better be if you’re going to invest heavy draft capital in their 3rd Option on offense – however talented he is. Quick poll: What other teams had a 3rd Option last season that you’d be willing to bet heavily on for fantasy? First that comes to mind is KC. New Orleans because of their RB tandem (ignoring the suspension). Is there anyone else? I’m sure there’s someone, but it’s a rare feat… and those (and Pitt) are all 10+ win teams.

That’s a lot of contingencies to rely on to assure fantasy relevance for a 3rd option. What if The Vance Dance gobbles up all the red zone targets this season (those that don’t go to Lev or AB)? What if Big Ben has finally hit the wall… or is injured? What if defenses have reviewed the game tape and are now better at scheming for Juju in year 2? What if things break the wrong way and Pitt is suddenly a 7-win team? The diminished target share of a 3rd Option makes them a risky play to heavily rely on –– especially given where Juju is being drafted.

On the other hand… Look to Denver. A terrible offensive team last season with terrible QB play, resulting in only 5 wins… and what did that mean for their #1 Option? In a terrible year, he ends up the WR21 (half point), ranking #10 in targets, #18 in yards. To me, those results represent an absolute floor (assuming health, of course). I can’t help but assume Case offers much better and more consistent opportunities for all his offensive weapons. Vegas seems to agree, as their O/U win total is currently at 7.

There’s no reason to think DT doesn’t remain the #1 option for their offense with a safe bet of 25%+ of the Keenum’s targets. (He has been between 25% and 30% each of the past 4 seasons.) His 5TDs each of the past two seasons seems much more representative of his QBs’ futility than any measure of his skill of getting into the endzone. That smells of positive regression for me. (Give him just 1 more TD last season and he’s the WR16 instead of #21.)

So yeah. Wordy reply. Answer: DT for Mr. ButterFace.
Especially since I think he’s a value at his current ADP.


Rolling with JuJu! More proven O IMO.

Agree 100% with the @Mr_ButterFace hot take. Siemian played quite poorly but still managed to keep DT relevant in FF. Keenum represents a higher floor for DT. I would go JuJu over DT only in dynasty.

Dynasty is 107% Juju. Yup.

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