Juju & Sony for Kupp & Hyde

I’d be receiving Kupp and Hyde. Should I make the trade?

Here’s my info:

League .5 PPR - 12 Team - single flex



  • Thielen
  • Juju
  • Jones Jr
  • Sanders


  • CMC
  • Sony
  • Lindsey
  • Burkhead
  • Mattison
  • Henderson

(I have 2-3 bench spots

Are they actually willing to do this? Or is this just a proposal idea?

I ask because I can’t imagine anyone wanting Juju and Hyde and Sony are very similar. Hyde has actually been better.

I find it hard to believe the Kupp owner would agree to this, it seems like an awful trade on his side.

This was their proposal

Then yes take it now. They are making an awful trade.


I’m absolutely taking this trade if I’m you. JuJu is a wasted draft pick this year and Sony has not lived up to his potential. On the other hand, Kupp is a top tier WR this year and Carlos Hyde is a serviceable RB2. If this trade is on the table, take it.