Juju trade help

10 teams, half PPR

EDIT: 2 offers:

  1. My juju for his Michel+Godwin
  2. My juju+Cohen for his Mixon+E.Sanders

QB: Winston
WR: Hopkins, Juju, R.Anderson, Kirk
RB: Carson, D.Montgomery, Coleman, Cohen, M.Sanders, J.Jackson, R. Freeman
TE: Ertz

Does this trade help me? I might be able to get Kerryon instead of Michel, but Michel is the offer right now. And Robinson instead of Sanders

Question is who would you drop? I would assume Jackson. However I feel you are stacked at RB. But if you were looking to upgrade at RB then I would target higher than Kerryon and Michel for JuJu. What does the other team look like?

Don’t do it. You are stacked at RB and your WRs would take a sizable hit. Maybe you Flex Michel at best. stand pat

I have a lot of bodies but Carson is the only one who seems to be a real player at this time.

I like cohen and Coleman as flex plays, but the other 4 guys are unproven wild cards… It feels a bit risky to me

What is a better type of RB/WR package I could target for juju (and maybe one of my lower RB like Royce or even Cohen)

I think I would ride it out and not make that trade. You have a lot of depth at RB.

Don’t do the trade, already have great Rbs and depth there, keep JuJu to pair with Hop and have a stacked roster

I just got offered Mixon and E.Sanders for Juju and Cohen