Juju Trade Talk

There is a guy in my 10 team dynasty league who wants Juju from my team. He tanked last year and owns a lot of good picks. He owns 1,2,5,8,10 and some second rounds picks.

My teams is

Ben R, Carr, Stafford, Cam

CMC, Zeke, D Foreman, Mccoy, Chris Warren

Antonio, Juju, Larry Fitz, Curtis Samuel, Keke, Albert Wilson, Will Fuller, John Ross

Vance, Herndon

I’m thinking about offering Juju and Big Ben for…

Picks, 1,2,5,11,18 overall…

Is this worth it? I already own pick 4 and with a heavy WR class I think I can heavily benefit from this… What do yall think?

@fun4willis I’d like your expertise here!

Morning @Tylergreve!

Trading JuJu (and Ben) away for four 2019 1st round rookie picks and a 2nd is win from a off-season trade value perspective. That’s the treasure chest you might have seen me refer too in other posts. If I was rebuilding I would accept this deal in a second. Do you consider yourself a contender? Or in a rebuild? I only use these two states, if you are not contending you should be rebuilding.

However, I don’t know that anyone would accept that offer. Have you started negotiations with a trade partner? If your initial ask is 1, 2, 4, 11, and 18 overall what is the minimum you would accept? I only ask to maximize the return should you get a deal. For example - I would not trade JuJu for the 2 and 5.

I will say that now is the time to sell JuJu, in my opinion. Without AB/Bell and an established James Washington he is the clear WR1 and before the NFL draft which could cloud the Steeler situation.

Should I try juju alone for 1, 2, 5? Or maybe 1,2,8,10? @fun4willis

And I finished 4th last year. Contender but I need more youth

Sometimes you can scare away a trade partner. If you have an established relationship with this trade partner in particular than I wouldn’t worry about scaring them away.

Picks 1, 2, and 5 (plus if you can negotiate it) would make it worth trading Juju.

I don’t necessarily agree with this statement “Contender but I need more youth”. As a contender I don’t really care about youth. I want to win. And win now. And win for the next few years to establish my dynasty. In that order. Youth only helps the latter.

I’ll also say that trading JuJu is a rebuild move. Not necessarily a contender move. Rookie WR have little impact year one. I would not expect them to help win now. This is within the 2019 context. In other years there was a high end RB that would be useful to a contender. I don’t know if that exists in 2019.

I shouldn’t say contender. I don’t think I can win it all right now but I’m very competitive. We decided to wait until after the draft… What do you think about this… Juju for picks 1,2,8,17… @fun4willis

In my opinion you need to decide for yourself if you think Juju is the best piece in the trade. If you’re a team that is contending or close to then I think you need to be the one getting the best piece in the trade rather than a few nice things.

I personally think juju is someone that a team that is looking to win should be keeping if they have him and trying to trade for if they don’t.

Its up to you but I would look to be a buyer on these types of player rather than a seller in your situation.

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I’m not sure that roster is big enough to compete, without seeing the other teams, but turning 1 of your 4 studs into picks will, very likely, take you out of contention this year.

One thing I don’t understand; If you want more youth, why are you selling Juju (who’s 22) and not AB (who’s 30)? Not that the guy who’s rebuilding should take AB, mind you.

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I agree with AB but I just bought him dirt cheap right before he was traded!

Juju is unlikely to lose value in my opinion. I think you can get offers like this whenever you want it