JuJu TV + a case for R.J. II

Seen Juju as high as #15 and as low as #25 on WR rankings lists. So let’s get to it and try to forecast some #s for JuJu’s 2018 campaign. He had 58 receptions for 917 yards and 7 TDs as well as a return TD as a rook. Entering his 2nd year,we are very confident Big Ben will have two 1K WRs. Is it too much too forecast JuJu getting 5 catches/game, which is 80 receptions for 1200 yards and 10 total TDs? His rookie tape looks insane, he’s super smart on the field and he’s got plenty of football swag. The offense there can run the ball effectively, throw it underneath as well as throw it downfield. Only looking for upside #s, keep the under 1000 yards and 6 Tds forecasts to limited # of characters.

The tape on Ronald Jones looks insane. It’s pac 12, but I guess it can be worse, could be the championship subdivision. When Winston is there, there’s no doubt Tampa is able to move the ball. They got playmakers at WR now, w/the emergence of Godwin and Humphrey, and D Jax adding depth, an explosive running back may have some lanes there. And boy does Jones know how to pick out the lanes. Was down on him until today. Anyone out there know more about this kid? Is 1200 totals yards and 6 totals TDs a realistic forecast?

Make it #26th on some rankings, because I have Juju ranked lower than most… not because I don’t believe in Juju, but because that Steelers offense is built around Bell and Brown, and barring an injury, Juju is playing third fiddle. Add to that the buzz building around James Washington, and I can’t see a good enough ROI when drafting him in the top 20 of wide outs.

As far as Rojo is concerned, I see him as one of the safer rookie backs. Hell, the Bucs kept pounding Martin out there despite a sub 3 YPC, so to expect them to hand the ball to Peyton Barber NOW that they drafted a rookie early seems silly. Rojo is far more explosive than Barber, and I won’t even compare Sims because he stinks.