Juju vs Evans - Dynasty Trade

Footclan! Someone offered me a trade for my Juju, 2019 1st (should be low) for Mike Evans!

Should I consider this? It’s tempting. I also own Godwin so im not sure if that factors into this. It’s a half PPR dynasty league.


Take it and run

No reservations about Jujus younger age? And that I own godwin?

None whatsoever

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Take this trade immediately. This is robbery. Who cares about JuJu’s age. Evans is only 24. If you’re trying to play fantasy longer than 2-3 years, you’re fooling yourself.

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Thanks! Trying to finalize the deal now. Do you think there’s value in holding on to Godwin? Is he basically a handcuff to Evans? @MikeMeUpp

No he has standalone value. I like Godwin a lot. Don’t see him being a starter yet but could see him taking over that WR2 role going forward. If Winston manages to stop violating women and stays in the league, he can definitely support 2 WRs. You can’t handcuff WRs. That’s a horrible concept so don’t think about it that way.

I think Godwin hype right now is pretty high though so if you can trade him for like a future 1st (I actually think this is possible right now), I would do that. Or use him in a package deal to upgrade your RB core, I’d do that. I don’t really like stacking WRs on my teams. If you manage to get a 1st for him, you would’ve basically traded JuJu and Godwin for Evans which is pretty absurd.


@MikeMeUpp yeah, I agree with that. Evans is still relatively young and should be the stud in that offense. What do you think of the uncertainty at QB? It’s possible Jameis is gone after this year…

I guess Juju would have the same issue. Talented but who knows who will throw them the ball, and AB is still there for a few more years. Assuming Godwin doesn’t carve out too big of a role, Evans should be the better player compares to Juju in every scenario.

The whole Mike Evans going broke without winston narrative is completely unfounded and totally bogus. I put no weight behind it. It you look at the splits for Evans with and without Winston, there’s no difference. He actually did better without Winston than with him. Evans made Winston, not the other way around so don’t get it twisted.

With Winston: 15.6 PPR points, 5.23 Receptions, 0.45 TDs, 9.84 targets, 76.5 yards
Without Winston: 16.06 PPR points, 4.65 Receptions, 0.71 TD, 8.53 Targets, 71.82 yards

JuJu, will never be a true WR1. He needs AB to draw the coverage. JuJu is absolutely horrible in man/press coverage. He is only successful running out of the slot cause he can’t get separation against elite cover corners.

There is no it depends. Evans already is, and always will be the better player compared to JuJu and it’s not even close for me. The man has put up 4 1k yard seasons since joining the league posting double digit TDs twice. That hasn’t even been done yet. OBJ would’ve done it if he didn’t get injurred but fact is he didn’t. Evans is among the very elite to ever play the position and he’s only 24. Comparing JuJu to him is honestly an insult.


Appreciate the advice! Shouldn’t have doubted it. It’s the fact that Juju is “shiny and new” and seems to be ready to break out. And not gonna lie… That 70 yard TD over the top was impressive. But Evans is one of the elites. I’ll get that trade done and won’t look back.

It’s the preseason. Settle down. Everyone looks good.

Also, I’d say JuJu already broke out. But his ceiling will never be as high as Evans. He was made to be a slot receiver and #2 guy. He isn’t someone that’s going to go outside and beat top cornerbacks or even consistently beat press coverage on the inside. Take the trade and comfortably move on.


JuI’m a huge Bucs fan. But I like juju more right now especially were Winston is heading. Mike is a baller, but what I want to know is what are you using where Godwin is at that #8??? The man is talented, is that your roster??? Keep JuJu and let the Bucs figure their life out. Buuuut if for some reason the Bucs win their first 3 games under Fitz and Evans is connecting with Fitz, that could be a different story. This is a struggle man. I think I still like JuJu lol

Btw I wear my Evans jersey every game lol with that said I think JuJu has more of ceiling than ppl think. After trying to put my twins down for the night, and taking a moment here. I do think you are safer with Evans

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Damn that changed real quick haha


I’m trying to juggle 2 10 month old twins right now lol I really like JuJu but realized I was in the moment lol

Let’s just act like I was never here lmao

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I love Juju the man, and the player. However, he had literally doubled his targets, yards, and fantasy points when Brown was out. That greatly skewed his rookie numbers

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