Julian Edelman.. Should I start him this week?

12 team league… 0.5 PPR. Should I start Edelman his first week back or bench him and see how he does?

My lineup:
QB: P. Rivers
WR: J. Jones
WR: G. Tate
RB: J. Mixon
TE: V. McDonald
FLEX: A. Jones

BN: J. Edelman
BN: K. Golladay
BN: P. Lindsay
BN: T. Burton
BN: B. Mayfield
BN: N. Chubb

start him or dont start him?

For me it would be a wait and see. Your current lineup only possible player he can replace is Jones which I wouldn’t do until I see at least a game roll with your current lineup

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I like your line up as it is and would probably start Golladay and Lindsey in that order over Edelman if you wanted to swap out A. Jones.

You have good enough starters and flex options to sit him and see what you have, first game back, 30+ coming back from a serious injury if you have the option to see him first do so IMO.

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Id agree with both of you… I was already leaning that way. Would you all prefer Lindsay over Jones for FLEX?

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I would prefer Jones, I’m not a believer in Keenum I think he is hurting everyone’s value on that team

I think upside i like Jones over Lindsey this week. Detroit can be had on the ground and they have to run the ball to try and help Rodgers while his knee is venerable. I wouldn’t rule out Golladay though, the Packers will score on the Lions and if this becomes a shoot out, Kenny G has looked really really good and Staff trusts him on the deep ball so he could have a big game too

Agree with the Keenum take too, he doesn’t force defenses to respect his arm right now so he drags everyone down.

I’m in the same spot! Not sure if I should flex Edelman over J Ajayi and Lindsay. Std league. What do you guys think?

Standard league I’d flex Lindsay over Edelman and Ajayi for sure. Ajayi has a broken back and a touch game this week, and Edelman you need to see what you have and with no PPR aspect to scoring you are better with Lindsay

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