Julio and 2.02 for Monty

I have David Montgomery, I was just checking in on Julio without real plans to trade for him. He offered me Julio and the 2.02 for Monty. My RB’s are pretty thin, Cam Akers is my only true RB1 type. Then I have Mike Davis and Myles Gaskin. I already have the last two picks in the first round so this would almost guarantee a shot at a Trey Sermon type. Think its worth the shot?


It’s an interesting offer. To be honest I’ll lean no if rb is light. In Montgomery you have an rb that you know and what he can do. I like sermon though but I don’t want to go into a draft with later picks needing to land an rb.

Gaskin and Davis will very likely be useful this season, but after that I don’t trust them to produce. Montgomery and akers is a bit more secure for me.

Julio age concerns me too. I’m not even sure it’s a move I want to do in win now. I feel you take on too much risk and the upside is arguably not that much improved.

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What he said plus he’s going into a new system with another Alpha WR. Doubt he’ll get the same usage and he will likely get hurt once again this season.