Julio and Cohen for Ty and Adams?

I have Julio, Fitzgerald, Snead, Garçon,
Murray, Anderson, Cohen, Martin, Abdullah, and an injured Johnson.
I really like Ty. Am I holding his value too high if I’m considering this trade?

With the depth you have a rb I’d sit happy with Julio. Montgomery is good but Julio is a top 3 wr season long

Yeah that’s really the only thing that’s stopping me is the amount of RBs I have. But I’m also happy with my other WR options. I’d only have to start two every week since I’d always be able start three RBs. I think I can get big games with the right match ups from the WRs I’ll have available to me.

I’d hold here. I’d want a locked in WR1 or RB1 for Julio. I’d wait a couple weeks and see how injuries shake out before moving a stud.

Don’t think Montgomery will be an RB1?