Julio and Deebo for ARob?

Full PPR with lots of WR depth in a small league should I trade for ARob?

QB - Tom Brady
RB - Cook, Najee, Edmonds, Davis
WR - Jefferson, Keenan, Julio, Deebo
TE - Kittle

I’d give Julio another week or two. That was a bad game for everyone on Tennessee. He still has pretty good upside.

Ok thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

That is tempting. ARob is a top guy… But Deebo can explode and Julio could have good games. It’s essentially opting for 3 fantastic options, or allowing room for depth. ARob still doesn’t have a great QB but… When has that mattered for him? Haha

You have the depth at RB to flex too. So you can pull the trigger if you want to.

But those 2 guys (especially Deebo) could also prove very valuable.

This is a tough one.

Having 3 guys at wide out might help in eliminating knowing who to start/sit every week. Haha

Definitely not the worst trade. If it were me I would probably try to push for AJ Brown who had similar ADP to ARob or more from the ARob owner. That game from Deebo and the inevitable starts from Trey Lance should have you asking for more. Good luck

Makes sense, I sent the aj brown owner a feeler as well. Thanks guys