Julio and Lynch for McCoy and Gronk in Start up Dynasty League

I have received a trade offer of my Julio and Lynch for his McCoy and Gronk. My other starting WRs are Green and Hilton with Tate as my flex in our PPR league. My RB1 is Gordon. I have a double stack of Stafford/Tate and Rivers/Gordon. My concern is with McCoy being the only offense in Buffalo and facing 8 men in a box all year. Gronk is a difference maker at TE.

I am inclined to accept this offer but it seems to be a very close call.

Your Footclan wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

I would not accept that offer.

Julio > Gronk for me based purely on Gronk’s future uncertainty. McCoy is also maybe 1 year away from retirement. This other person is trying to offload their riskier player. You can def acquire them. Just do it only at a discount.

That said, I do think it’s the time to sell Julio. I would be looking to get back a Davante Adams type in return. Young, up and coming WR1 potential.

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willis nailed it. the value is all wrong here. they are giving you the riskier players, and worse players. lynch and mccoy are both on the way out. but mccoy is in a better spot to produce, yet worse spot because there is very little around him. unless allen turns into a legit player. then gron for julio is way off for me as well. there is pretty much no chance i ever take this. maybe if i think im a TE away from a championship, and i have inredible depth. but your WR depth isnt that good to dump julio for gronk. sit tight on that one. and ask for more. if he says no, you say no.

Thanks to you both. I agree he is trying to unload risk onto me. Have some decent bench WRs but I could be without Gronk and McCoy next year due to retirement.