Julio & Carson for Conner & Lockett

Hey there, just drafted in a 12 person .5 league.

My team consists of the following

wr: Robert woods, Tyler lockett, Dede Westbrook, deshaun jackson and Marvin jones jr

Rb: James Conner, Dalvin cook, devonta freeman, Lamar Miller and Kalen ballade

To strengthen my wide receivers and belief of Carson excelling, I was thinking of offering Tyler lockett and James Conner for Julio Jones and Chris carson.

Wanted to see if I’m offering too much or too little and if you think this is a realistic trade. Please let me know. Thanks!

I think you’re not givins enough but you could try. Carson and Conner could have similar production but I dont think the other owner will like to swap Julio for Lockett.

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I agree with @quintana22.
I would peep the other owners roster and see what they need and add a third player based off that


Thanks! As a follow up and it may be a dumb question, but you expect chris Carson to produce the same as Conner? If so, I feel foolish picking Conner in the first round. Thanks

As an additional follow up how do you feel if I offer woods and Conner for Julio and Carson…am I giving up too much, is it fair and is it worth it? Thanks

Reposting …

I really like that trade. Go for it.

I would try and swap Connor for Cook. Unproven he can stay healthy, you mitigate the risk.

Ya I don’t think you’re offering enough, unless he’s a Conner truther. It wouldn’t hurt to just throw it out there to get talks going. But also I may pivot to offering Woods and Freeman or something like that, so that way you don’t have the conflict of playing an Atlanta RB and WR at the same time.