Julio dynasty trade

I am in talks with a league mate and this is around the offer it’s a .5 ppr dynasty. Would it be a smart move or no?

Get: Julio, Mckinnion, Hurns and 2019 1st
Give: Kamara and Davis

Who else do you have at RB/WR? Also out of interest who else does you trade partner have at WR and was this your offer to them or can you counter?

I have CMC, Penny, Kamara, Hopkins. Davis, Kupp and he has Julio, JuJu, Baldwin for our starting 3.

And this can be countered it’s jusy kinda floating around and nothing is set yet

I think it’s quite solid for you. Your leaguemate seems to be very aggressive with his future prospects. Kamara, Juju and Davis could all blow up to be superstars, but they could also not live up to expectations. There needs to be a balance between known commodities and future potential.

I think its a good offer for you, i like your roster either way but pairing Hopkins and Julio is great and Kupp will be a good option i think too. CMC and Penny should do the job for you and McKinnon could be a great addition. Kamara while a beast last year will be less efficient this year and in two years time with no Brees you have to wonder what will he be.

I take that trade all day!