Julio Dynasty Value

Julio, 1.05, 2.05, 2020 1st

Cooper/ DJ

I have a hard time believing in Cooper long term despite his age and I floated DJ to maybe get the most I can for him before he falls off. Is Julio’s age concerning yet? Or does he have 2-3 great years left.

Are you giving up Julio and two 1st round picks for Cooper/DJ?

I wouldn’t do this unless you were desperate for RB help so kind of depends what you have there. Cooper will probably re-sign with Dallas but Julio still has 2-3 strong years left.

Maybe Im overvaluing draft picks but I would probably do the trade if those were excluded.

I would be receiving Julio. My other WR is Adams.

Oh sorry, I thought you were thinking of selling Julio. He still has 2-3 years of elite WR1 value.

Personally, I have a hard time giving up pass catching RB’s so I would rather keep DJ and the draft picks.

I would make that trade to get Juilo +. Any idea where the 2020 1st will end up? That draft is supposed to be loaded.

I tweaked the trade a bit. It’s also a Superflex.

Julio, 1.05, mid 2020 1st, Rosen
Cooper, DJ, Flacco, 3.07

Other QBs, are Cam, Baker, Luck

I’m receiving Julio side

Thanks for clarifying that its SF.

Thank I still like the trade. Do you consider yourself a contender?

I will be a contender this year.