Julio for Ajayi and Hogan

Would you trade Julio for ajayi and hogan/Corey Davis?

I think you could do better on name value alone… just my 2 cents

If you need to add players then this is worth it, but if you have a good team already then hold off. Ajayi had a nice run, but we have only seen one game for him in Philly. And the 3rd string rb had 2 td’s, Blount is still there too. I have Corey Davis, he looks like he is in great shape for a nice streak of production. But neither of these players appears to have the upside of Jones.

The deal comes down to your lineup/roster. Is Julio + whoever on you lineup, worse than Ajayi + Hogan/Davis in you lineup. I would rather have Jones and another player. Good luck whichever decision you come to.

Keep jones Hogan is hurt and we don’t know when he returns. Also don’t know what Ajayi is going to be in Philly yet