Julio for Ajayi and Kamara

.5 ppr was wondering if this trade would is a good one

you getting Julio or giving him up. I ask cause if you give up Julio, you need to have a target getter to back up that WR loss. But I like Kamara so getting him is good but if you get two for one then you gotta keep in mind you’ll have to drop another guy to make room.

I also have AB Evans and Dez with Thielen and Fuller on my bench also got Zeke Bell and Gordon as my Backs with McCaffrey and Henry, TE are ASJ n Reed with Brees as my QB

Hahaha what kind of league is this jesus

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My wife’s family league, they’re the type that look at just last weeks production. I say my wife’s family because my own family league we ain’t this stupid. I’m looking for a solid RB for week 9 when Bell and Gordon are on bye.

I always keep an open roster spot just in case a need a 2 for 1 trade so I wouldn’t be dropping anyone

It’s not a bad trade man. Kamara is gonna get the work