Julio for Cohen?

I have been destroyed at the RB position this year. I currently have Lindsay, Royce Freeman, Melvin, and clement who has been awful. Lindsay will be on bye next week and Melvin is banged up so I really need to shore up the RB position. My WRs are Julio, thielen, Kupp, Sutton, tyrell Williams, and Allison. Half point ppr 10 man league. Thanks for the advice guys!

Also if you have any other recommendations for trade targets using one of my WRs I’m all ears

Please don’t even think about this for another second. Giving a WR1 for a RB2 who could be an RB3 some weeks is madness.

With Kupp coming back this week hopefully, he Julio and Thielen are every week locks (bar bye weeks) for your lineup and flex. Assuming you play 2RB, 2WR and 1flex?

Your RB core is okay - Melvin is sounding like he’s fine and Lindsey is fine each week you just need depth. If you want to trade Julio though in half PPR, frankly any RB outside of Gurley, Gordon, Barkley and Hunt are all in play for a 1 for 1 trade. You could get Cohen and say a Chubb or Jones if you wanted depth but when you trade an every week stud starter you get one back or you don’t do it.

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Thanks for the input buddy I will try and hold out. Kupp being out has killed my record so I’m a little tilty. I just needed a voice of reason I think👌🏼

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You’re welcome, hey we’ve all had the tilt its real man! Your squad is pretty good IMO, like i said just need a bit of RB depth or a stud for stud swap