Julio for DJ...thoughts?

I’m currently contemplating this trade. Is it worth it to do this? I’m in a standard scoring league and my team is below

QB: Cam
RBs: Kamara, A Jones, Michel, Penny, and Williams (Jones handcuff)
WRs: AB, Julio, Gordon, Fitz
TE: Howard, Doyle

What do you all think of moving julio for DJ. I could try to turn Gordon and Michel into a top wideout. Or would you all sit tight and alternate my flex after this week between michel and Gordon based on matchups?

DJ has a veryyyy nice schedule ROS and has looked much better with leftwich. Is this fools gold right now?

Don’t do it. Aaron Jones is an RB1 now. With him and Kamara youll be fine. AB and Julio is a great combo. Keep it. Josh Gordon and Fitz I don’t trust.

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Why dont you trust Gordon? I thought hes a solid mid to high end 2 now.

I don’t know. New England has a habit of spreading the ball around. Gronk will be back. More mouths to feed/

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If you’re in a standard roster type league (i.e. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, K, DST) then I would keep Julio…

You’re line up of…
QB Cam
RB Kamara
WR Julio
FLX Sony
TE Howard/Doyle
Looks excellent down the stretch, and could be a championship roster.

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Yeah I could see that. But i could also see a world where Gordon’s targets become more efficient because of gronk and 8 targets could still be useful. I was on the fence about this though and your feedback confirmed how I felt. I’m gonna stick with what I’ve got and ride it out.

Thanks. I was on the fence about it. DJ keeps getting dangled in front of me and I’m interested each time. But I agree. If Michel comes off the bye doing what he was doing before his injury this lineup will be tough with AJ coming on now too.