Julio for Fournette trade? Help!

was offered a trade today, been working on Fournette i think he is about to have a big second have with only scoring one TD so far this year. .5 ppr 12 team league

QB: Lamar
RB: Sanders, Singletary, Damien, Ronald, Mattison
WR: Julio, Evans, Gallup, Marvin
TE: Kittle, Engram

was offered Leonard and McLaurin for Julio, Sanders, and Engram. He also has Odell but sounds like he wants to stick with Mclaurin, thoughts on this? thank you!!

I’d go for it. Fournette is a beast, and McLauren has a pretty good schedule ROS. Engram is redundant with Kittle.

You need an RB1 more than you need a WR1 right now, adn Scary Terry + Evans + Gallup is a fine WR corps

I would take it, Fournette gets massive usage and will continue to get the rock. WRs are easier to come by than RB 1s of his caliber.

Thanks guys. he just happened to switch it to Singletary actually so would you still go on that instead of Sanders?

I think so, we don’t really know if Singletary is going to be used like we would want him to be this year.