Julio for Golladay + first rounder

Looking for thoughts on a dynasty league trade. I’m being offered Julio for Golladay + 2020 first round pick, for some reason this guy is acquiring 2020 first rounders at all cost.

Julio is still a beast but no longer in his prime and I’m not sure how much longer he will be producing.

Golladay hasn’t even hit his prime yet and showing signs of WR1 in the near future. On top of that, my first round pick could pan out well for me, or not but I have a decent track record after 6 years in this league.

12 man league, ppr, 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te and 1 flex spot.

I’m torn on this one, any thoughts or analyst points would be appreciated.

I’ve never done dynasty so I don’t know how valuable a first rounder is/what exactly it means but Golladay looks like he could have very close to Julio’s value as soon as next year. Guy can play.

Personally, I do think Julio is still in his prime but unless you’re in a championship or bust year this seems like a better deal for the other guy. I’ll hang up and let actual dynasty players chime in

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First rounders are rookie only. Bottom 6 players are entered into a lottery for top 6 picks and top 6 teams draft based on where they finished.

I got lucky with Saquan this year. Last year was OJ Howard towards the end of the draft though. it really depends but first rounders are very valuable.

Thanks for the reply.

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I think this is very much up to how your team is, and you have to be completely honest with yourself. If you have a shot at the title, I wouldn’t. But… if you don’t I’d heavily consider. Another thing to take into consideration is how well you think the team you’re trading with is going to do next year. If you think they could finish near the top, idk how much you value a 12th pick in the 1st round (I don’t value it a ton personally). I’d at least counter with a 2nd on top of it tbh. If they’re competing this year, they may want Julio bad enough for that. I think Julio has at least another year of WR 1 value in him.

Also my league does it so whoever gets last gets the first pick next year (with a good punishment to deter tanking) and then lottery for the other bottom finishers. Think this could be more fair… someone probably finished last for a reason lol.

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I’m the guy with Golladay. I’m 6-2 (we do a double header once per year) with a decent shot at a title this year. We do the lottery for bottom 6 to prevent tanking.

If you’re competing, you should take that trade.

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Ohhhhhhh sorry completely read that wrong. Ya I’d take that.

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Some background on my team, keep in mind this is an extra deep league

Rbs: David Johnson, Saquon, Chris Carson, D Martin, Kyle Juszczch, Darren Sproles

Wrs: Brandon Cooks, Crabtree, M. Bryant, Garcon, Golladay, S. Shepard, M. Goodwin Dede Westbrook and A. Callaway.

Also have TE Kelce and OJ Howard

I learned on this thread that firstnrihnd picks mean rookies only. To me, and yes I am a Falcons fan, but I’m really not biased considering they have made me question my existence numerous times, but Julio should be kept. I think he is entering his prime. Or two years into a 5 year prime. He’s only 29. He isn’t retiring soon - he’s not like Calvin Johnson. Matt Ryan has a brand new extension through 2023. D Freeman A brand new ext through 2020 or 21. Ridley coming up taking heat off in time. New stadium opened this season with returns tied inextricably to Julio being around and being a star — he is a massive fan favorite, 2nd only to Ryan but really only Bc Ryan has been there 4-5 years longer. Loved by fans across the whole southeastern US as a Bama product. I think he tops 1300 yards next 3 seasons easy. TD’s May or may not come big time, but some will, and PPR Julio is a top 5 WR, usually higher, every single season no matter what is happening. Golladay looks great, he is a star potential guy already, but he’s got like 10,000 yards to go before he can be compared directly to Julio imo.

That being said, if you’re somehow already aware you can get someone like Saquon with that first round pick, and this season is less important than setting up yourself for 2 years out, then I guess you could consider it. That all seems tough to swallow as soon as you see JJ putting up 15 for 200 in 20 targets sometime soon with maybe even 1 TD lol. Ask yourself wheyhe you’d
Do this with ODB, Hopkins, MT, or dareicompare…AB.

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Thanks for the reply. hHonestly if we were talking OBJ or D hops no question I’m taking that trade as fast as I could before he changes his mind…

I’m competing for title this year and there is no way to tell how my season will play out next year but I doubt I’ll be getting a top six pick with my 2020 first rounder.

I think I’m going to accept the trade and live with it, just hope Julio has a good amount left in the tank.