Julio for Mixon?

Half point ppr. Guy said he’d do it straight up. He’s desperate at WR and I’m loaded.

My Wr’s

Devante Parker
Keenan Allen
Justin Jefferson

Who do you have at RB? I’m not TOTALLY sold on Mixon yet, but the opportunities have been there all season so…he’s probably legit. I think I’d do it. Especially with the lingering hamstring issues with Julio. Love that guy, but you need HEALTHY players.

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My current RB’s are Jacobs, Gordon, J. Kelly and Mattison.

Take it and laugh your way to the bank. I maybe would like to try to get a lower end WR as well.

Yep I would do it. And then I would trade Gordon before Lindsey comes back. I’ve been telling everyone that will listen to trade Gordon for David Johnson if you can. Maybe see if you can buy low on Kenyan Drake too. And I mean LOW.