Julio for my Ridley and Conner?

Hey guys, someone just sent me an offer of Julio for my Ridley and Conner.
My team is currently RB: Kamara, Conner, Williams, Michel, Cohen WR: Woods, RIdley, Kirk, Gordon
Should I accept this? I feel like it’s a good offer bc then I would have a very solid WR1

If he wants to give you Julio, only send back Conner.

That’s the deal, or it’s no deal.

Would try to get Julio for Michel and Kirk/Gordon first though.

What if instead of Julio, it was Hopkins?
He has both, and he’s willing to do either one.
Do you think that I would be losing too much in giving both Ridley and Conner away?
I already tried Michel and Woods, but he declined

Same difference.

You’re losing way too much giving up Ridley and Conner.

Julio, Hopkins and Conner have an ADP difference of like, half a round? They’re all going to score fairly similar PPGs.


He’s trying to take advantage of you big time. Hold fast, it’s still pre-season and your time is in good shape. You’ll know when a deal is right for you.

Okay, you’ve fully convinced lol. Maybe I was acting too hasty on the deal. I’m going to decline for now. Do you think trying to offer back Ridley and Williams would be better instead?

Or maybe Michel and Ridley?

I would send away Michel and Ridley for Julio 100%.

Never trade for the sake of trading. Every single decision should be made with the intention to make your team better.

The fact you had to come onto some forums to ask for trade advice tells me that you were unsure of the deal. Your fantasy gut told you don’t do it. Listen to it.

Thanks man, you’ve honestly been a lot of help to me lol. I probably would’ve gone through with the trade had I not asked beforehand.

Let that dude know you see through his shenanigans and you’re not to be trifled with. DSPark is here to win titles, not be some feeder team.