Julio for Tyreek, Hollywood

Would you trade Julio for Tyreek and Marquis Brown, 12 Team .5PPR?

Current roster:
Starters -
QB: Brady
RB: Montgomery, Chris Thompson
WR: Julio, Kupp, Keenan Allen, Dionte Johnson
TE: Eifert

Bench -
RB: Saquon (IR), Dion, Samuels, Mattison
WR: Marvin Jones
TE: Dissly

how many WRs can you start? It looks like Julio Kupp and Allen is the best combo if you only have 2 wrs and a flex.

2 wr, 2 flex. Does that change anything?

it makes it a little better. i think you can wait until tyreek comes back and then decide though. may take a few weeks to get back in the mix. both guys are pretty hit or miss this year so id be happy keeping julio and playing marvin jones in the 2nd flex for now

I would say no… but thats just me… I value Julio very high… if you were to trade him you should go from a Top tier RB low WR1 combo… you dont need the help at WR you need a RB imo

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Don’t do it

Ok 1st- Sorry, but why do you have 2 defenses? Drop one and carry potential. Carry a Back up like MAttison as a lottery ticket, but not 2 defenses.

As for your trade- No. Why. What you need to do, is Trade for a RB if anything. Your wide outs are solid and you can handle moving one; even Julio.

What I would do… I’d counter and Offer him Julio or Keenen, preferably Keenen, but do Julio if you have to. Offer one of those and try to grab a Tyreek and a RB instead of Another WR. You do not need Brown. Or better yet, Take Brown abd get a RB 1 in return. Drop your defense and see if you can grab a RObby Anderson or someone with later season potential.

My 2 cents. Good luck

Yeah. You totally nailed it sir