Julio for wentz and tyreek?

So I was a Watson owner SMH… Anyway another member has Carson Wentz and Tyreek Hill available and he offered me both for Julio. Should I take it? The waiver wire currently has McCown, Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. So should I take the trade or just pick up one of the QB’s off the waiver? Thanks much appreciated! Oh by the way my current receivers are Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Robby Anderson yeah I know it’s weak but injuries kind of killed me so holding a few spots for other positions right now

Personally I’d stream wentz is good and I had hill but traded him for dez because he’s good one week and sucks the next. I also have juilo and there just now starting there division schedule so you got Tampa and New Orleans twice. I just feel juilo is gonna come alive and be the guy everybody drafted

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I’d hold onto Julio. I agree with the other post, I feel like ATL is going to get it together and explode

Plus Stafford, mccown, and mariota which I have is all good streaming options. And if you look at mariota last 2 games for the playoffs it’s nice lol