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Julio for Zeke?


Odell owner just offered me zeke for Julio. I have Tyreek, Allen, Sanders and Landry
My rb’s are: Martin, Demarco, Gore, David Johnson, Duke Johnson, and Adrian Peterson.

He also has Todd Gurley, should I try and get him instead?

Full point ppr

Jaron Brown, Funchess and Shepard are available on waivers.

I’m leaning towards taking the trade because of my depth at WR and when DJ comes back I would have him and Zeke for the playoffs.


I think I would take it but would love to hear other opinions. You’re losing a solid wr but think your other guys could fill in and if you added one of those guys on waiver would be a solid team. Plus your RBs look ok but with Demarco not performing much and Marlon Mack exploding I think I would like some insurance at RB. Hopefully some other footclan members hop on to help you out too.

Good luck!


I would take that trade. You should be fine with your other WR’s. I doubt they would give up Gurley for Julio but you could always try.


At this point Zeke is more valuable than Gurley. It is becoming less and less likely he sees a suspension this season. I would take this in a heart beat and picked Funkness off of waivers. Dude gets the targets.


I don’t think I would until his suspension decision is made. It’s not becoming less and less likely that he’s suspended…we simply just don’t know yet but probably will within the next week. I’m down here in Dallas, and this is by far the most unsure and uneasy the talking heads have been since the start of the season regarding his suspension.


Aaaaaaanddd that’s why I wanted to wait on Zeke. Most likely suspended now for 6 game.


Didn’t make the trade!


Well…he is not technically suspended yet still.