Julio Hill Juju or Murray

Need help taking home the chip in my 0.5 PPR league,
Pick 3 to start:

Julio Jones
Tyreek Hill
Latavious Murray

I’d say definitely JuJu and Murray. Kinda torn between Julio and Hill. Let’s see what the others have to say.

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I’m thinking the same. If I benched Julio and he goes off, I would feel bad. So I’m probably gonna bench hill vs LAC

Yeah…used to be that Julio was a “must-start”…kinda like my Shady. And…yeah…they’ve both had a few bust games. BUT…this is entering Play Off Territory. You almost have nightmares about not starting your “studs”. And tho Julio has been a big disappointment several times over the past few weeks…he’s STILL almost a “must-start” in this stage of the game. It’s soooo tough with some of these guys anymore. :confused: