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Julio Jones and Alvin Kamara for DeAndre Hopkins and Devonta Freeman, TRADE?


Been talking to another owner about this trade in which I’d be receiving Hopkins and Freeman and he would receive Julio and Kamara. I’m in need of another high producing RB now that Elliot is out and he has been wanting Julio for a while. What do you guys think?


I would do this in a second. Hopkins is back to elite now that he has a competent QB and Freeman is a huge upgrade from Kamara. Do it!


Do the trade, its great for you!


Absolutely agree…Julio has been banged up and we’ve only seen Kamaras potential for a few weeks. Make that trade!


What if he asks for Martin instead of Kamara? Is that still a solid trade? Or if he offers Green in Hopkins place? We’re still working out the details lol.


All systems go. All those trade alternatives work in your favor as well.