Julio Jones - dynasty

Footclan! How many more elite years of production does Julio Jones have? Is he worth trading for if it meant losing two young WRs?

Are you set up to try to win it all next year?


@ykr919 just won the footclan title in this league with Barkley, CMC, Thomas and Hopkins leading the way. Sony, Golladay, Landry, Davis, Coleman rotating in my two flexes. I’m hoping this sets me up for a few more runs the next few years.

Speaking with the Julio owner, it sounds like it’ll take two of Golladay, Landry, Davis, Godwin or DJ Moore. Would you trade any of these two for Julio?

If Sarkesian stays as the OC, it should really help Ryan and Julio. I don’t particularly like Sarkesian, but I just saw something about how many OCs and HCs Ryan has had to go thru and it’s always meant a step down in production the first year of the change.


Just saw this: Atlanta Falcons : The Falcons fired offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong on Monday. A search will begin for the OC and special teams slots, but Falcons head coach Dan Quinn will assume the role as defensive coordinator. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Gary Kubiak would be a strong candidate for the OC job and they will also interview former Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.


I am not seeing why you would need to acquire Julio at all given your team.

@ykr919 fair point. I’d only make that trade to shore up my flex position. I had to roatate Landry, Golladay, Sony and Tevin Coleman… Which didn’t always work out.

I also have Julio in my dynasty team. It’s PPR. I have started to think should I put him in the trading block. I got Godwin, K.Allen, R.Anderson and C.Kirk as my future starters/upcoming stars. My RB situation is not that good. What should I ask for Julio? Is early 1st rounder too little of a asking price? He’s about to turn 30 this year…

@EvanStone23 as someone trying to acquire him, I wouldn’t pay a top 2019 pick. I’d rather get the younger talent. You might be able to get a WR2 and a low 1st rounder

I am in a 10 team PPR league with all TDs including passing are worth 6 points for 0-24 yards, 8 for 25-39, and 10 for 40+. Most owners way overvalue their own players, are too risk-averse to make a trade that they later regret, and severely undervalue a WR approaching 30, even one as dominant as Julio. So for me, I can’t imagine parting with JJ until he retires or until Father Time deteriorates him to the point of being drop-worthy. I also have Mike Thomas, Diggs, AJ Green, and Pettis, and can only start 2 or 3, depending on if I start one of them over Chubb at Flex.

For sake of comparison, I tried dealing Green for picks or a TE upgrade and I was stunned at the lack of interest. This was just prior to and after his injury. I tried to package Green, Vance MacDonald, and D.J. Moore for Kittle to a non-contender and got rejected. I tried to deal AJ to anyone for one 1st round pick and got nowhere. So if that was my experience with AJ, I can’t imagine it would be much better with Julio for whom I would demand a higher return.

As a top contender, I wouldn’t even consider trading Julio for anything less than 2 high to mid 1sts. I also at one point floated a couple packages like Julio + AJ for either Tyreek or Davante - with my main motivation being to get younger, and in the case of Tyreek, to pair him with my Mahomes to make my team virtually invincible anytime Tyreek goes off. Both drew no interest. Crazy, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

I’d much rather have Julio than just one of the top few 2019 prospects. I know I’m getting 6-7 receptions for 100 yards and half a TD per game, probably for at least two more years before he starts to decline. I don’t see anyone in this 2019 class with a high enough floor and ceiling to give that up. Is your thinking here more that you love the 2019 prospects or that you are down on Julio?

I’d want more than one early first for him, especially looking at what I consider a weak 2019 class. With younger established RBs, I’d think you should be able to land an Aaron Jones/Kerryon/Guice at a minimum, maybe even a Mixon, Chubb, or Cook if you add in a sweetener.

@edmonddantes a little bit of both. Im worried about Julios decline. Based on what you just said, you wouldn’t hesitate trading a combination of Landry and Godwin or Golladay to acquire Julio?

Coming from an ATL fan, I would not do this trade. Julio and Ryan will have a new OC next year which means 2 years at least before they become productive again. I’m so mad they fired sark. Keep Landry and Golladay, they will be huge next year.

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SI hear your concern about the change at OC, but I nevertheless disagree. Godwin, Landry, and Golladay are all good players, but… Landry and Golladay both had very little competition for targets this year but both still finished 100+ PPR points behind Julio. Last year, the Atlanta offense struggled mightily when Sark took over. Julio had his worst fantasy season since 2013 when he missed about half the year due to injury. In the down year of 2017, Julio scored 51 PPR points more than Golladay scored this year, and 37 more than Landry scored this year. Again, that was Julio’s worst season since 2013 compared to a 2018 in which Golladay and Landry competed with a bunch of nobodies for targets for extended periods. Godwin is also a very good WR, but he is never going to be the top option on his own team, and he could even slip to 3rd as OJ Howard returns and continues to improve. This year, Tampa passed a lot and with a great deal of success, and one of their up and coming pass catchers (Howard) missed a big chunk of the season due to injury. With all of these tailwinds, Godwin finished with 66 fewer PPR points than Julio had in his down year of 2017. Next year, Tampa is also going to have a new head coach, a new OC, possibly an entirely new offensive scheme, and potential QB uncertainty on top of it all. In summary, Julio’s demonstrated floor is significantly higher than the ceilings of Landry, Godwin, and Golladay. Now, each of those players is younger than Julio, so you’ll have them for longer. But this game is all about points above replacement. In that respect, those three players pale in comparison to Julio - floor and ceiling. One final point - if you’re concerned about Julio’s production as he reaches 30 years of age, take a look at comparable players from the past. TO is a great comparison to Julio in terms of playing style and physical stature. TO didn’t show any sign of decline until his age 35 season when he still went over 1,000 yards with 10 TDs.

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Good points, but keep in mind that Ridley and Sanu are great WRs as well. Jones will start to lose targets due to them. I’d love to have Jones on my team, but Ridley and Sanu are just as valuable to me. Call me crazy. If Koetter becomes our OC, look for Jones to become a huge asset, but again keep in mind Ridley.

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@edmonddantes @derekcarnes so a Julio Jones deal for my Landry, Godwin isn’t a good idea? Or should I go for it? Dynasty, of course.

I’d do it to get Julio. Maybe try to get something in addition to Julio by playing up concerns about his age. But if that’s the best you can do, I’d still do it.

I think Laudry got screwed out of plenty of targets this year. But, safe to take the Jones trade I believe.