Julio Jones for Dalvin Cook?

Standard 12-team league. The offer is:
Julio Jones + Lamar Miller for Dalvin Cook + Enunwa
I would get cook and enunwa

My team right now is:
RBs - Melvin Gordon, M lynch, lamar miller and ekeler
WRs - Julio Jones, Thielen, Manny Sanders, Golden Tate, Ted Ginn

Should i do it?

I would try to package a receiver that’s not named Julio Jones

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My other option would be to give him Thielen, but right now he seems to be a safer wr, because of julio’s lack of TDs.
Would you offer thielen instead?

I wouldn’t do that.


I refused and now he offered
Fournette + Enunwa
Now im more on the fence lol

Do you guys still think i shouldn’t?

Julio + Lamar is still the stronger side of this.


Still wouldn’t do it, I think miller has much room to improve and Fournette is questionable as a year long option

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thanks guys, im sticking to julio then

Trading Julio has no benefit to you. You have Gordon, Lynch and Miller plus Julio and Thielen, there’s no reason to opt out of running that lineup every week.

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I’d give the Miller + Tate + Sanders a shot for Fournette. The jury is still very much out on Cook imo.

For Fournette + a solid WR, that is.

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