Julio Jones for Michael Thomas? - Dynasty

What are your thoughts? Who would you rather have?

MT not even close in dynasty.

MT its not even close. MT is a top 4 dynasty asset. JJ doesn’t even crack top 12.

Only reason why I’m hesitant is because I’m competing this year and I’m loving Julio’s numbers for this year. His target share is unreal, and I’m a tad worried about how Thomas is going to do with Ingram back and them going back to running the ball 24/7 like last year.

MT > JJ in redraft

MT>JJ in dynasty.

Literally doesn’t matter what format you’re talking about. It’s just a much more lopsided traded in dynasty.

Also FYI, MT target share > JJ. MT TD > JJ. MT Catch rate > JJ. Brees > Ryan. Literally everything about MT is better.

JJ Targets > MT

Actually you’re right. These past 2 weeks threw off MT’s numbers a bit. I don’t put too much weight into last week though. He was on pace for another monster game but it was pretty much over after the 1st quarter so no need to throw as much anymore. But before last week, I think both were getting target market share of 30% or so.

Michael thomas for sure