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Julio Jones for Todd Gurley and DeVante Parker


Hey Clan,

This is a 10-team PPR league.

I would be giving up Gurley and Parker. I already have Kareem Hunt, Davonta Freeman, Dug Martin and Buck Allen for RB’s but am pretty light for WR’s. What do you guys think about this trade?



I like it. Julio is a top tier talent, and you have oodles of RB goodness already. Gurley has a rough stretch of games coming up too


That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, great trade for you since you already have RB depth. You can only play so many RBs at once, and you have two RB1s. I would try and get a bit more RB depth after the trade though. Buy super low on Powell or Crowell or something just to replenish the depth.