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Julio Jones & Freeman on the same fantasy team?


So I’ve been mock drafting a lot at the 6th slot I’ve had the opportunity at least 5-6 different times to have Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman on the same team. One time I even had the chance to have Matt Ryan as the QB as well.

To me it seems ridiculous…but is it? If they’re all proven is there a downside besides the inevitable bye week? Curious what y’all think.


Hey Cody,

I don’t think it is ridiculous at all. They are proven talents, and if you are getting them for a value, I would not think twice.
Things change before the bye week, and at the end of the day, it may be a tough bye week, but you have better match-ups on all of the other bye-weeks. I have tried bye-week loading for fun a couple times, and it really does not make much of a difference.

If this were daily fantasy, you may be limiting the upside to put up a ridiculous score, but for normal head-to-head, those are all fantastic players.


I would agree. I wouldn’t have much hesitation with those guys on the high powered offense. They’ve proven through the years they are all able to be successful at the same time.


I don’t mind doubling up teammates, but I don’t love it. I’ve seen guys try to double up on QB/WR combos, which is very high risk/high reward. For consistency I like a WR/RB combo, but they can be harder to come by. Julio/Freeman is about as good as you can get, no one is going to land both AB and Bell.

Matt Ryan had a stellar year in 2016, and early signs are pointing to regression. That being said, even if Ryan and the Falcons offense do regress a little bit, you’ve still got the top WR and top RB on a high scoring offense.

Even if the opportunity presents itself, I would hesitate to add Matt Ryan to this duo. Regardless of which team you’re tripling up on, you’d live and die by the sword each week (in this case, Atlanta’s offense is the sword).

All my leagues are action drafts, so I don’t pay close attention to ADP. It would be interesting to see who else is available when you grab Freeman.


Julio was dropped to me as the 7th overall pick last year, I accompanied him with Freeman in the 2nd round and made it to the conference finals. Lost due to injuries but man was I unstoppable throughout the season. Other players to note, Mark Ingram, AJ Green, Melvin Gordon. But the ATL players played a huge factor in making it that far. Best of luck!


You still feel big on Ingram with AP coming in there this year? Thanks for the advice!


As much as I want Ingram to succeed in NO again. Hightower took away some of Ingram’s TD’s in 2016, I can see a similar role happening here with the AP addition. In my opinion, I still believe Ingram has top 10 potential every week. If you can grab him late 4th or early 5th, I would take the chance.


I had QB Carr & WR Cooper last year and it wasn’t the worst decision I made, but Cooper didn’t get the TD’s I was hoping for. The RB/WR combo should do well on most strong offenses, but adding the QB to the mix doesn’t mean it will always pay off like you hope.


I’ve never researched it but I like having the QB and RB on a high powered offence. Every time they score an offensive TD you’re almost guaranteed points.


If those are the players with value at the spots you need them then don’t even bother with them being on the same team. You can always stream QBs later in the season.

@HeyBrendan, Ingram will not get much work in NO unless AP goes down. AP has the same skill sets as both players. Honestly I expect Ingram to be traded any day now. If that happens you will have him at a huge value, if it doesn’t you might as well have wasted the pick.