Julio Jones Keeper league trade?

I get: David Johnson and either Calvin Ridley or Kenny Golladay

I give: Julio Jones and David Montgomery

Keeper rules are that we get five keepers, with a maximum of two RB’s and three receivers. There is no cost to the keepers and my current plan is to keep two RB and three receivers, though I could keep Matt Ryan instead of one of those receivers.

Current team:

Matt Ryan
Joe Mixon
Sony Michel
David Montgomery
DJ Chark
Mike Williams
Sterling Shepherd
Dede Westbrook

My thinking is that I am unlikely to win or be too competitive this year, and Julio Jones is getting old and I would rather get high value for him now before he starts to breakdown. Then again David Johnson is only three years younger than Julio.

I am leaning towards Golladay instead of Ridley since I am not sure I want to stay invested in the Falcons long term, though I’m not certain I want to be invested in the Lions either.


Yeah I do that. Mixon/DJ is a nice RB duo for next year, I’d go Kenny G over Ridley

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Thanks I agree, my main concern is that going in to next year with Golladay, Chark, and Mike Williams is going to be a tough position and worth the RB upgrade.

@aquaman1650 if there’s no keeper penalty, you’d be starting with those 5 and you still have a 1st round pick next year, right? So in theory you’re able to go back to the well for a WR1 and better ypur RBs just by parting with Julio

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True, except since it is a 5keeper league, the players available are rookies and what would be normally available in the sixth round. The first receiver off the board this year was TY Hilton followed by Calvin Ridley, Josh Gordon, Robby Anderson, Dj Moore, Christian Kirk.

So really I’m likely to end up with a WR2 In the draft