Julio Jones or Mike Evans ROS?

Standard scoring who would you rather have rest of season? Considering packaging one for Antonio brown for a playoff push. 6-4 after losing this week however still first in my division but the other 4 teams in my division are all 5-5 so I need to bolster my roster even further… also does it matter that I have leveon bell in terms of me also targeting Antonio brown? Should I keep Evans and Julio or go after the Steelers stack of AB and Lev Bell… also have juju on my bench

I’d keep Julio for the playoffs. Maybe try Evans and JuJu together for AB? If you get AB and start all 3 for Pittsburgh, you’d really be limiting your ceiling. Otherwise JuJu will ride the bench all year and is useless cause you can’t play him over AB. I think you’d be fine with Lev and AB together though.

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Would you rather have Evans in the lineup with bell or AB? I’m just nervous about having the Steelers stack because one bad game and I’m done for lol. And yeah I’m shopping Juju I don’t really have a need for him as is. My RBs are Hunt bell and McCoy and WRs are Julio and Evans Baldwin and juju and QB Wentz and Tyrod TE jimmy graham and somehow still lost this week because Tyrod had 2 points lol

In standard I favor evans a bit more. He should continue getting redzone looks where as Julio will probably finish the season without another td at this rate.