Julio Jones Price Check $$$

What’s Julio’s value going into the offseason? I have him on my team currently and not sure if I should try to move on, or keep him for another season and hope that he still has some gas left in the tank.

14 Team PPR league, I came in 4th this past year while he was injured so if he plays a full 16 I think I have a good shot at the title.

Also, what would be a good trade target if I were to sell him?

Julio is such a tough guy to price. His name is still Julio so that is the value but nobody wants to trade for a guy who is seemingly on the outs. He may still have some gas but no one wants to pay for what little is there.

I would say you should hold him going into the season and when he has a good game or two, trade him to a contending team.

His price is still tough to determine so I would just throw him out there and see what you can get. You are probably going to have to sell him cheaper than what you want but at this point getting anything would be good. It is trading him for pennies or holding him until he retires and getting nothing.

Also, fair warning, if he starts the season on fire, do not fall into the trap of holding him. You will be tempted to say, “He is so good and he has returned to form. Why would I sell him if he is helping me now?” I will tell you why, because even if he has a top 10 season, you will be stuck in next off season in the same situation you are in now, wishing that you had moved him when you could get the value.

I have heard that it is better to sell too early than sell too late and I try to stick to that motto and not beat myself up about guys that I could have held onto for just a bit longer.