Julio Jones ROS

So what do you guys think on Julio ROS?
I think I can trade for him but it’ll cost me a bit but I think I can pull of the trade.
I’ve had some crappy luck with RB so I’m thinking I might have better luck with WR.
I would trade Tyler Boyd, Jon Taylor and DeeJay Dallas for Julio and Jordan Wilkins.

I know Boyd has put up slightly better numbers- don’t know if it’s worth having Julio instead(I also know Julio has a bad schedule coming up).

Hmm…sounds like I’m talking myself out of it.

Just remember giving up a lot of depth for a good position player is just as harmful to your team.

Yeah- you’re totally right.
I set it up and looked at it and didn’t like the way it looked. Figure I toss it to you guys.
…gotta find that RB diamond in the rough. Zeke, Sanders, Taylor killed me this year.

This late in the season, a RB diamond in the rough is already out there.

J Rob is that diamond, imho. To a smaller extent, Miles Gaskin has been a pleasant surprise, too.

It is going to be harder now, to pry a decent RB away from teams.

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Sigh… I traded Robinson for Boyd week 2. :expressionless:

My condolences to you.

However, in week 2 we didnt know if J Rob was going to be anything. That is one of those hindsights being 20/20 issues. You cant fault yourself for that, even though if feels like a bad trade right now.

Haha totally.

That was my thought process back then: I need WR depth. I’m stacked at RB, this kid did pretty good but it’s Jax- how much better can he do.