Julio Jones trade question

Guy in my league wants Julio Jones, and he offered me J Mixon and J Allen for him. I don’t need Allen, but I do need a running back since I lost K. Johnson and wasn’t able to pick up his replacement. He said send him a counter offer would you send a counter offer, and if so what would you offer? I posted both of our rosters below.

My team.

L. Jackson
R. Tannehill

D. Montgomery
M. Walton.
C. Henderson

J. Jones.
D. Adams.
K. Still.
T. Boyd.
R. Wood.
A. Green.
D. Slayton

E. Engram
C. Herndon.

Other team

J. Allen
M. Stafford

S. Barkley
T. Coleman
J. Mixon
M. Sanders
T. Johnson

T. Hilton
D. Westbrook
S. Shepard
G. Tate
C. Sutton

Z. Ertz

Not in a million years

Barkley is really the only thing he’d have that you would want looking at your team. You may have to give up more but everything else is pass on that. His team doesn’t have much to offer