Julio Jones /Tyreek trade!

I’m giving up woods and Tyreek for drew brees and Julio Jones

Pull the trigger? Or leave as is Let me know your thoughts ASAP

My line up
Qb- mahomes
Rb 1 - Gordon
Rb 2 - Conner
Wr 1 - AB
Wr 2 - Tyreek
Flex - McCaffrey
Te- njoku
K- g zurlien
DST - cowboys

You don’t need Brees with Mahomes.

So do I just stream, qb week 12? For mahomes bye week 12

And is the Tyreek/ Jones trade still maybe a go? There’s no way Jones is going the 2nd half without a TD and Tyreek hurt with groin as well.

Tyreek is practicing in full - he should be fine. And will still get more TDs ROS than Julio even if Julio starts scoring. Yes, just stream a QB week 12 and stick with Hill.

Brees also was not nearly as effective as he normally was last year with them being able to rely on Ingram and Kamara’s run game so much. And now that they have both options back again, it may be trending that way once again. He’s averaged 165 yds over the past two weeks.

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Thanks man. I needed advice 1. To stop the trade 2. For re assurance of my time. I appreciate you bro @ben_jamin627

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Happy to help my friend.

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