Julio Jones... What should I do?

I have Julio and im worried he might not play and if he does im worried he might not get much work due to having nothing to play for

Should I sit Julio and play Robby Anderson? Im scared they might use Julio and a decoy

What are your guys thoughts on this one?

That’s a tough scenario. But Ima pull an Andy here…Are you ok with leaving Julio Jones on the bench and him potentially getting 15 + points?

Im comfy with anything i just wanna make the right play lol

I’d just monitor up til gametime. If Julio is gonna play, then start him. Atl will probably be behind against the Rams so they’ll have to throw the ball. Plus the Rams secondary has been giving up so many big plays and passing yards. If Julio is out, you can throw Anderson out there as a solid play. Both games are the same time, so you should have time to swap Anderson in at the last minute

ATL is playing Carolina.
Rams are playing Arizona.

And Im still not sure what to do :rofl: :rofl:

Just hang tight. He’s not officially out yet. Get a back up player and just wait.
Anderson will be a great back up play.

Shoot my b. I messed up my A teams when I responded. I’d still play Julio if he is healthy, even tho there’s a chance he’s a decoy

No bigs-

hey! How are you and your wife doing in championship? Anyone in the lead?

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lol. Nah it’s all gonna get decided tomorrow. Basically by the end of the morning games, one of us will be very happy at an Xmas party and the other will be hanging out by the alcohol either cursing or praising the Browns :rofl::joy:

Oh man! Best of luck!

Screw it! Destroy the wife! No Mercy! Get that foot clan title!

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:rofl::beers: Cheers mate! Gotta get that title! Best of luck to you as well

Julio is officially active

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