Julio, Landry, and DeMarco Murray for McCoy and Hopkins

Was offered a trade: My Julio, Landry, and DeMarco Murray for his McCoy and Hopkins.

Should I bite? This is a big one

No your losing way to much.


I’m currently trying to dump Demarco Murray in one league and acquire Julio in another (favorable schedule second half of the season).

On that note, McCoy also has a favorable schedule schedule the second half of the season and he still looks good. Personally, I would do this trade but depends on your roster. If you have a solid WR2 to replace Landry, I say go for it.

Trying to think if I should counter for the same deal but without Landry in the mix?

I have Funchess, Fuller and D Jackson

I just traded for Julio myself because he’s going to bounce back. McCoy is gonna deal with a stacked box and Murray is still Murray Landry gets targets he’s trying to get 2 good wr for Hopkins who in my opinion is t going to outscore Julio by the end of the season

I disagree with the other guy. Don’t think you’re losing that much with regard to DeMarco Murray at all and Julio hasn’t been great. An option would be to wait until after this week and hope Julio has a HUGE game against New England and keep Landry out of the trade.

I think Hopkins will keep outscoring Julio the rest of the season. Matty Ice looks terrible. Starting Will Fuller and Deandre Hopkins could be great for your team.

In a standard scoring league Murray has more points that McCoy and McCoy and buffalo are playing with no wr or te right now. And you can say Julio will bounce back

I think Julio will bounce back but Deshaun Watson has that offense humming and he is tossing TDs to both Fuller and Hopkins. My thought is you always acquire the better player and I think (obviously just an opinion) that Julio will improve but Deandre Hopkins will either continue to outscore him or they’ll be about the same while LeSean McCoy will turn it around with a very green schedule the second half of the year. Every analyst and their mother is saying to avoid the Titans RBs as they’re in a timeshare and Murray doesn’t look great. Once Devante Parker comes back, if he comes back, Landry comes back down to earth although I still like Landry. Like I said, could keep Julio for the week and hope for a blow up game against the Pats but if you believe in Will Fuller and Funchess, who I believe in based on target share and production, I make this trade.

Also, he never said this league was standard… or I missed it.

Thanks for your opinion, this is how I’m feeling as well. And my bad, it’s a half-point PPR league

Not sure if you’re responding to me or him but in half-point ppr, this trade becomes easier regarding LeSean McCoy but harder regarding Landry. I would try to wait a week but obviously time is of the essence and LeSean Could blow up against TB (i think thats who he is playing) making this much harder to do. Maybe try and swap Funchess for Landry? Idk, I see them as upside WR3 and back end WR2 respectively so I’d look at schedule and gut feeling.

Hope my rambling was of assistance.

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I got a question for both of you tho. In a standard league 16 man would you make the trade for dion Lewis for tedd ginn

I’m with this guy about the half point ppr and McCoy and Murray if it’s a timeshare true. Hopkins and Julio could be the same but I traded for Julio because I think he will be better Burbank giving up Landry is to much and maybe giving up funchess is to much I’d see what the guy would take and go from there or see if he will throw in a third

I was responding to you jbh87, thanks for all of your insight on this, I’m really considering because of the upside of McCoy’s schedule.

I had McCoy in two leagues and now I have him in 1 but I did a package deal where I got tyreek hill and lev bell for cj anderson, lesean and martavis. I still have McCoy top 5-8 RB rest of season.

Sorry for the poor spelling, on my phone.

@tonavelli I’d rather have dion lewis than ginn in half point ppr

Your good bro this is a tough call on a trade tho for you lol

What is the make up of your team after this trade and is this PPR or standard?

@sam_jacobi This is a half-point ppr league and my team after will consist of Matt Ryan, Devin Funchess, Will Fuller, DeSean Jackson, Todd Gurley, Jerick McKinnon, Jimmy Graham. With Wendell Smallwood, Dion Lewis, and Chris Thompson usually kept on bench

Something I’m keeping in mind is Murray and Gurley both have week 8 byes… trading for McCoy will help with that.

Nope, Julio will get his moment coming