Julio or Evans? or stay pat

Current roster:
RB:Freeman, gordon, martin, kamara, Crowell, Lat murray
WR: Martavis Bryant, Jeffery, Sammie watkins, Pryor

Should I trade Gordon for Julio or Evans straight up?

10 team, standard, I’m 5-0

You’re hurting at WR and Evans and Julio are now both past the bye so I would do it. See if you can get a lower end wr as Well for one of your wrs as a package maybe. But I’d probably do it straight up in your position.

I also have confidence Kamara and martin will cover the loss of gordon and Freeman is a stud rest of season

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I agree. I think I’d do that trade in your position.

Thats kinda what i’ve been thinking. I kinda wanna see if I can package Kamara and pryor for Evans. (owner just lost cook) I just need pryor to have one good week to increase his worth from garabge haha

Which one do you guys like more than? Julio has just been so inconsistent this year… I could also get A.J. green for gordon and Pryor or straight up for jordy… With my depth at RB, people really want Gordon haha

I would stick with what you have.

You don’t NEED a win this week and AJ on bye means you’re at a big disadvantage. Maybe make the point you’re basically giving him the chance if winning this week and see if he’ll do it straight. Otherwise wait a week or just suck it up and take the second best wr for a top 10 but not top 5 rb

Thanks guys!

Wait why would you package away two players? Since you’re trading away Melvin, you should be getting the two-parter, since he’s more valuable than a WR1. You’re giving away too much in Gordon and Pryor to just get Green back. Green is a stud by all means but like I said earlier, RBs are much more in demand.