Julio or Gage PPR

Im worried about Julios injury would you all play Julio or Gage tonight? This is in a PPR league an I am down, all of his team has played and I have Hurst, CEH an either Gage or Jones to go tonight. Thoughts?

How much are you down?

If you need a big night I lean Julio. If you need a non-zero I would lean Gage.

Im down like 33. Hurst is a up an down but I think Helaire could have a good night. Heres my thoughts Im worried about Julio either reinjuring himself an be an almost 0 but I could see Gage go off or score nothing lol.

I would watch the 1st quarter of KC-NE and see what happens. If CEH comes out with a TD before ATL kicks off I will go Gage as I fear Julio could be a decoy again. If CEH doesn’t produce you’ll need to leverage Julio to have a big game.

Good thoughts, thank you.