Julio or hilton

I have green , Hilton, Julio, and Tate as my WRs but RBs need help. Have Gordon and lynch on my roster. I need help in determining weather to trade Hilton or Jones and what is fair value for them. I may have opportunity to trade for fornette, Howard, mckinnon, mixon, McCoy.

I favor McKinnon or fornette but need help to
Confirm value. McKinnon for jones; Hilton for


In no world, should you be giving up Julio for Mckinnon. Mckinnon is worth nowhere near Julio or Hilton. If you can get fournette go get fournette. They aren’t even close in value. McKinnon hype is way too high right now.


I would definitely keep Julio over McKinnon. Hilton for Howard is a hard decision. If Luck stays off the field that trade is a steal, but man I know Hilton has hit for me in the past when Luck has thrown. Fournette for Hilton isn’t bad, but I would try to shop Tate before anyone else. Tate could probably pull an RB that can replace Lynch as your RB2, and then you get to keep your best WRs.

I kinda like Fornette for Julio…might be giving up too much though. I think you can rely on starting green and hilton most weeks, with tate stepping if luck is out. Then you’re looking at two strong rb’s in gordon and fournette.