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Julio or OBJ


Who should I take in a full ppr and why?


OBJ, I would rather worry about a player hitting their ceiling than playing every game.


fun fact, julio has only ever once hit 10 TDs or more. odell has done that every single season. odell has also never gone under 90 receptions. julio has done so 4 times. odell has also never gone less than 1300 yards. julio has 3 times. another fun fact, julio did not hit 2 of those three stats i just mentioned, last year. so its not like he hasnt done this in a while. he was 83, for 1400, and 6 TDs last year. still good numbers, just not as good as OBJ. also if you just give him a good game instead of having that 300 yard game, he is sitting at 1200 yards. still good, just not as good as OBJ.

but buster, competition with the WR core and what not!

listen hear nay sayers… the only time someone coming to town at your position will actually affect your stats in a negative way, is if that person is beter than you. brandon marshall is not better than him. proof that it wont affect him? see victor cruz and sterling shepard. his receptions actually went UP with them there.


I like Odell regardless of format.

Don’t get me wrong, its not like you can be wrong here. Julio certainly has a little more PPR viability but I think you can trust Odell each week to be healthy (knock on wood) where as Julio is a weekly nightmare of injury reports.

It’s not much, a hair maybe, but Odell gets yards and TDS pretty safely. He’s my #2 pick and I’ll probably end up with him a lot if I pick in the 4-7 range.


Overwhelming OBJ support throughout the thread. Also I don’t know if we have seen the best OBJ. We know Julio well.