Julio/Sanders for Keenan/D Montgomery?

What do you guys think of this trade? 10-team standard keeper.

My roster is:
DST: Ravens
Bench: AJ, Pettis, Samuel, Ballage, D Montgomery, C Kirk

I have some waivers pending to drop Ballage and another wr most likely Pettis for Sammy and Cam.

Bump, still looking to see what others think.

@morestagedives I appreciate your feedback thus far. What do you think?

@James89 any chance you have a take on this? I like Montgomery a lot but Julio is amazing talent.

Like this roster, good upside and solid studs. I don’t mind getting Julio for Monty even in standard with that roster.

If someone after that is really WR needy I would trade AJ and Woods for a high end RB2 or a slow starting RB1 (D.J. last year type value) just in case Gurley really bombs your roster

Sorry I missed the Allen and Sanders part. I think it’s close to fair - personally I would like a little more value with Julio and Sanders.

Monty and Allen will likely be your every week WR1 and RB2 starters but Sanders might take a while to get going and even then I don’t think beats Monty’s value.

Who else does the Julio owner have?

He has Breida, Gordon, and Barber.

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He has breida, Barber, and Gordon. He’s really thin at RB which is why I was targeting Julio as that was his first round pick.

Wow that is thin. I’m almost inclined to offer Woods and any of your RBs not named Bell or Gurley for Julio and Sanders.

If he wants Jacobs or Monty try and get Breida in there too maybe adding Petits from your side.

Sounds long winded but if you can end with Julio and keep Allen, with the RB depth you have anyway you’ll be in far superior shape.

He has such a massive need at RB in a standard league he’s negotiating from a week position and you should leverage that as best you can

So you’d take Allen over Woods then even with Henry coming back and Allen’s injury history? What do you think about possibly offering AJ and Monty for Julio and Sanders? Maybe adding one more WR in like Watkins or Pettis for the sake of his depth? He

With Henry’s injury history and the lack of Melvin possibly for half the season I think Allen could be a stud early, if not the whole year.

Woods is the safe WR2 we all want but he isn’t winning you any leagues… Allen and Julio just might.

I agree that if you can get AJ and any RB aside from Bell or Gurley for Julio my goodness yes but surely no one would take that? I didn’t mention it because I would hate to see that offer if I was the Julio owner to be honest. Getting an injury prone WR on a terrible team, who can be a stud, maybe for my proven superstar? No chance

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Haha that’s true. I was dreaming there but I think that Woods and Montgomery might be a solid play for Julio.

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