Julio Trade Advice: Dynasty

In a 14 Team Standard Dynasty league, I have a team that is pretty solid overall and will be a contender next year.
RB: Dalvin, Ekeler, Miles Sanders, Guice
WR: Julio, Godwin, Sutton, Hollywood
I am weak at QB, though (Tannehill, Foles)

Been mulling a trade that would give me Russell Wilson, 2020 8th pick, 2020 22nd pick for Julio, Guice, and Tannehill.

How do you all value Julio at this point of his career? I would imagine he has 2-3 years of top tier production left. If I made that trade, though, I would have a top tier QB for a while, and could get two young WRs in the 1st round with my current pick and the pick I acquire in the trade.

I don’t like that deal for you, if you say you’re contending. Trading away Julio for picks goes against that narrative.

If you did trade Julio, that’s a pretty decent deal but I think you could get a little bit more.

My thoughts, too but people don’t seem to be willing to deal for Julio.

If that’s the best deal you can get for Julio, you’re making out fine.

Even though you’re making out fine you said your team is a contender this year. I would go win the league before trading any pieces but that’s just me.

id keep julio and draft burrow 1.08 and best receiver with ur next pick.

I think it depends how much you think you are contending.

Last year in my 5-keeper, 14 team league, I traded away Julio and Nick Foles for Calvin Ridley, a first round pick (which ultimately became the first overall) and a third round pick (will be 3.04). I did that because my team needed a desperate rebuild and I was comfortable losing out on Julio’s potential production in 2020 and 2021 for giving my rebuild a juice.

I would not have done that if I thought I was trying to win a championship in 2019 or 2020.

I think in a dynasty the only people interested in Julio are contenders, or people who think they are contenders, so your list of available buyers will be slim.

If you are really going to contend, I think you stand pat and find an alternative way to get an extra starting QB. If your team is not looking like a real contender by week 6 or 7, then you email everyone above you in the standings and tell them Julio is available.

If you arent as confident about contending, then that is a fine trade