Julio trade advice

Got a offer for Julio. A.Rodgers, Carson and Edelman is the offer I have Allen and Goff at QB . Adams, alshon, m.will, m. Jones along with Julio at WR. My Rbs are Kerryon, Sanders, Montgomery, D.williams. Any advice on this would be appreciated. It’s 10 team standard

I’d hold on to Julio here, but it depends on how you feel about your RB situation.

If you think you need an extra RB and that Carson has the upside, then maybe I’d consider it, but Rodgers isn’t exactly posting monster numbers and Edelman is a big drop off from Julio. Plus, you’d be dropping two guys from your squad to facilitate this. Seems like keeping Julio makes the most sense, with the only remote risk (in declining) being that Carson returns to fringe RB1 status (opinions will vary wildly on this). Not enough ceiling benefit coming back imo.

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not trusting carson anymore too many fumbles

Yeah sounds like he’s trying to unload 3 underperforming players based on their draft capital for your super stud. As a fellow Julio owner (who also has Goff and Allen at qb and is a little thin at rb) I would not take this trade. Remember: look at the numbers not the names

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