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Julio trade help!


I’m in need of a RB1 while having a deep WR corp.

Give: Julio Jones + Rob Kelly
Receive: (Jay Ajayi OR Melvin Gordon), K. Benjamin, and Charcandrick West

What are you opinions on this trade?
Thanks for the help y’all!


I know it’s a reach but still fair I’d try for Gordon and Ajayi for Kelly jones. Don’t see much value in west to go with that deal


Yeah, already tried that one but he wasn’t having it lol


Who are your other backs and wr?


RB: M. Lynch, R. Kelly, J. Mixon, D. Sproles, R. Burkhed

WR: A. Cooper, D. Jackson, R. Cobb, T. Smith


You seem to have a big advantage at WR. Mixon is supposed to breakout as the #1 soon. Tough call man. I think I’d try to get a little more but if I couldn’t I’d accept it for Gordon


Thanks for the advice, and yeah I’m looking to get Gordon as well. Hard decision though