Julio Trade Help

Hey guys, I need some help at RB (no depth) and also worry Matt Ryan’s injury hurts Jones’ output. Looking to trade on the name and a decent week. Couple of thoughts.

Option 1: Trade Julio for Mack and Hilton (team is 0-6)
Option 2: Trade Julio for Godwin and Singletary (Team is second to last)

Am I off on this? Do I stick with Jones? What is more realistic? Full PPR. Thanks all!

What’s the rest of your team looking like and record?

I really like the first trade regardless of your record, but I don’t think the person would do that trade.

I’m 4-3. Started off 4-0 so I’m tilting some. Here’s my team.

QB: Murray
RBs: CMC, Bell, Ty Johnson, Bonnafon
WRs: Jones, Golloday, M. Williams, Kirk, Dorsett, DJax, R. Anderson, A. Tate
TEs: Waller, Graham (planning on dropping, but when Waller went questionable needed alternative)

We start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE.

First two losses came to top 1 or 2 scorer of the week, this week didn’t have CMC.

Option 1 is a good trade for you